The unique and integrated approach for every treatment is the hole-mark of “Prabhakara Ayurcare “.

Ordinary men stop with wishing, it takes the vision, wisdom and values of an extra ordinary man to transform a wish into an institution.

Sree Prabhakaran vaidhyar Son of Sri.Gopalan Vaidhyar with 50 years of experience in this field and with his indelible impression in guiding this institution to the right direction with the help of Doctor Prabeesh , resultantly, the growth too has become inclusive.


Ayurveda is a perfect ancient science of life. Ayur literally means life and veda the science or knowledge. Ayurveda embodies the spiritual wisdom that ensures long life. It represents the culture that takes shape from the pure life style prescribed and practiced by great sages of ancient times.

PRABHAKARA AYURCARE, with the experience of 300 years in the field of ayurvedic treatment has created a bench-mark throughout Malabar. PRABHAKARAN VAIDHIAR son of GOPALAN VAIDHIAR the sole authority and the efficient guide of this institution. A young and enthusiastic Dr. PRABEESH is always available with his precise diagnosing power for all the patients of the hospital of 10 beds. With all facilities and amenities. This hospital is thriving to reach the zenith.

We are the only ayurvedic pharmacy manufacturing ayurvedic medicines by following pure heriditary and holistic method.

The supreme goal of PRABHAKARA AYURCARE is to provide physical, mental, spiritual and moral well-being for the entire humanity. The aim is holistic to help people to live with nature, to bring about integration between mind and body to ensure the creation of a sound mind in a sound body. Our aim is to provide permanent and lasting remedies for human ailments.

Patients visiting the hospital are welcomed with courtesy and grace to provide a complete solution to a healthy life by curing ailments and ensuring well-being. We follow various combinations of ayurvedic therapies.

We manufacture our own medicines and are well known for their genuineness, authenticity and purity. They are made from original herbs and prepared by maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence. This treatment does not mean suppressing the main system and creating some new ones and the side effect of the main treatment. The treatment mainly comprises of powders, tablets, plants and minerals. Because the medicines are from natural sources and not synthetic, they are accepted and assimilated in the body without creating any side effect and on the other hand there may be some benefits.

Ayurveda is concerned with the physical basics of life. Concentrating on its harmony to induce harmony of mind and spirit. Keeping all these in mind the well trained therapists are armed with genuine and scientific ayurvedic application. We in this hospital, the doctors, therapists and hospital crew concentrate in making the patients mentally and physically fresh and fit to meet the challenges of time.


With the brilliance and pragmatic efficiency of the experienced doctors and the team, would emerge as a prominent ayurveda hospital throughout this country.